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  Dr. Brian C. Ancell
  Assistant Professor
  Atmospheric Science Group, Department of Geosciences
  Texas Tech University

My research addresses the predictability of important and high-impact weather events on a wide range of scales. Currently I am focusing on dryline-induced severe convection, heavy rainfall from land-falling tropical cyclones, freezing and frozen precipitation events, and wind power in the South Plains of the United States. I use both ensemble and adjoint sensitivity analysis to investigate predictability, as well as ensemble data assimilation to estimate the effectiveness of routine and adaptive observations on these specific events. Other interests include developing forecast-based senstivity tools toward operational use at the National Weather Service, multi-scale data assimilation and modeling with an ensemble Kalman filter, and the impacts of human activities on synoptic- and mesoscale atmospheric flow.

Ph.D., M.S. Opportunities Available!!!

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