TTU WRF Models Login

Starting February 19, 2021, the TTU WRF deterministic and ensemble models have changed over to account-based access, and all users must have a username and password to access the site. Additionally, to better support our users, we have generated a new site which will be updated with new features and products with time. This site, while still active, will be limited to NWS personnel with whom we maintain a significant academic and research relationship for the good of the general public.

Personal and Commercial Users:

If you are not an NWS Employee or Researcher, please click this link to take you to the new website to log in as a commercial or personal user. If you do not have an account, please look to that site for how to get one set up.


NWS Employees and Researchers:

If you are an NWS Employee or Researcher and have your password ready, please enter it in the text box below, and press login.