The Museum of TTU Exhibit "How Weather Works: Our Place between the Sun and a Storm"

"How Weather Works: Our Place between the Sun and a Storm" is an interactive exhibit that will reside at the Museum of Texas Tech University in order to educate the general public about the principles of weather and how humans can play a role in the evolution of specific weather events (e.g., thunderstorms). The theme of the exhibit is to explain how weather works from the top down, beginning with the uneven heating of the rotating Earth by the Sun, and ending with localized aspects of the weather that we can feel such as rain and wind. The exhibit also aims to explain how modifications made to the atmosphere through such things as irrigation, wind farms, and urban heat islands can change specific weather patterns, even those far downstream that change rapidly due to chaos.

Museum visitors will have the opportunity to interact with many hands-on demonstrations ranging from how the spinning Earth forces moving things to veer to the right in the Northern Hemisphere or to the left in the Southern Hemisphere (resulting in the weather patterns we know today) to how wind farms can change the wind and temperature characterstics of the atmosphere.

Exhibit Dates: July 2016 - December 2017

The Museum of Texas Tech Unviversity