Dr. Eric Bruning

Associate Professor

Texas Tech University / Atmospheric Science Group


Dr. Bruning specializes in the relationships of storm electrification and lightning to the thermodynamics, microphysics, kinematics, and dynamics of thunderstorms. Observational studies of lightning facilitate knowledge transfer to forecasters in the operational use of lightning data, which is expected to to grow with the launch of the Geostationary Lightning Mapper on GOES-R. The VHF-band West Texas Lightning Mapping Array facilitates observational studies of lightning. Lightning data are typically synthesized with weather radar data to provide meteorological context.

Three research emphases characterize the current work in Dr. Bruning's group.

  1. Electrification's dependence on cloud microphysical conditions, including the impact of environmental thermodynamics and entrainment
  2. The distribution of flash sizes and electrical energy, and the role of turbulent kinematic trajectories in organizing the texture of charge
  3. Lightning physics during the discharge process, including processes by which optical and RF emission take place during leader steps and current flows
Together, these interests encompass the the conditions for microscale electrification, the distribution of electrical energy, and the means by which it is dissipated.

Other interests include data visualization, the Python programming language, and the history and philosophy of science.

Contact information

Dr. Eric Bruning
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