Hurricane Ike
September 9 - September 15, 2008

Deployment Team

John Schroeder, PhD (Principal Investigator)
Ian Giammanco
Brian Hirth
Tanya Brown
Frank Lombardo
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Deployment Notes: The table below contains summary statistics of wind speeds measured by Texas Tech University during Hurricane Ike. All probes collect wind data at 2.25 m AGL and data is not standardized for height or exposure. Updates to this table maybe added as further analysis is conducted. Please see our data disclaimer .

Tower: GPS Coordinates Peak Sustained Wind Speed (1-min) Peak Gust Wind Speed (3-sec):
102B 29.8196 N
94.4305 W
63.5 mph
83.4 mph
103A 29.7724 N
94.6668 W
67.8 mph
85.2 mph
104B 29.7908 N
94.5489 W
79.2 mph
96.0 mph
105A 29.8266 N
94.3080 W
64.2 mph
84.1 mph
106B 29.9508 N
94.3976 W
67.3 mph
82.3 mph
107A 29.9505 N
94.2452 W
60.2 mph
73.4 mph
108B 30.0418 N
94.1767 W
61.3 mph
76.5 mph
109A 30.0078 N
94.6775 W
69.8 mph
94.2 mph
110A 29.3639 N
94.7593 W
64.0 mph
81.7 mph
111A 30.0347 N
94.2572 W
66.2 mph
83.4 mph
112A 30.0194 N
94.5084 W
62.9 mph
77.4 mph
*213A 29.8585 N
94.4173 W
65.4 mph
85.8 mph
214B 29.3203 N
95.2563 W
61.3 mph
79.2 mph
216B 29.8371 N
94.5703 W
74.0 mph
108.9 mph
217A 29.9230 N
94.5190 W
63.8 mph
87.0 mph
218B 29.9437 N
94.5906 W
67.6 mph
82.8 mph
220B 29.2545 N
95.3542 W
61.9 mph
75.8 mph
222B 29.8552 N
94.5411 W
71.8 mph
89.9 mph
223A 29.8350 N
94.4823 W
63.3 mph
80.1 mph
224B 29.8588 N
94.6114 W
61.3 mph
78.1 mph
*Incomplete data record

Platforms 01XXA sample at 5 Hz, 02XXA sample at 10 Hz, 01XXB and 02XXB sample at 1 Hz. All wind measurements were made at approximately 2.25 meters AGL.

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TTU probes are shown in yellow. Other research platforms are shown in red

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Animation is of the fine-scale array in Chambers, Liberty, and Jefferson Counties. Additional probes are not displayed on the animation.

The wind direction for the probe located at Chambers Co. Airport (Anahuac, TX) is subject to small bias errors due to the alignment of the electronic compass mount and instrument deadband. The data included in the animation has not been corrected for this bias.


Swath represents the latest available H*Wind products and is not a post-storm re-analysis. Please see NOAA AOML Hurricane Research Division for all H*Wind products