Chris Weiss, PhD - Principal Investigator
Dr. Weiss is the principal investigator for Project MOBILE and an Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Science. He will coordinate the StickNet and TTUKA-1 efforts during VORTEX 2. He holds a BS in Meteorology from the University of Michigan, and his MS and PhD in Atmospheric Science from the University of Oklahoma where he was a student of Howie Bluestein. His primary research interests include dryline observations and modelling as well as fine scale kinematic and thermodynamic measurements of supercell thunderstorms.Dr. Weiss has been published in many peer reviewed scientfic journals.

Email: Phone: 806.742.3113

John Schroeder, PhD - Associate Project Director
Dr. John Schroeder developed and implemented the StickNet research initiative and is also the founder of the Texas Tech Hurricane Research Team. Dr. Schroeder's research interests include Hurricanes and other extreme wind events as well as the impact of wind on man's built environment. He is one of the country's leading experts on hurricane winds at landfall and is published in several peer reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Schroeder will manage the logistics and TTU personnel during VORTEX 2.

Email: Phone: 806.742.3113

Additional Personnel

Texas Tech University:
Tanya Brown - Wind Science and Engineering
Chris Burling - Atmospheric Science
Candace Cyrek - Atmospheric Science
Ian Giammanco - Wind Science and Engineering
Brian Hirth - Atmospheric Science, West Texas Mesonet
Joel Dreessen - Atmospheric Science
Sarah Dillingham - Atmospheric Science
Scott Gunter - Atmospheric Science
Frank Lombardo - Wind Science and Engineering
Pat Skinner - Atmospheric Science, Wind Science and Engineering Research Center
Amanda Thibault - Atmospheric Science
Danielle Turner - Atmospheric Science
Chris Pattison - Wind Science and Engineering